Raven – Caitlyn Willows


Raven is ready to hang it up as a Domme and have an ordinary life. Trouble is, she wants and needs–all right, she craves–both a Dom and a sub in her life. The sub she already has; it’s the Dom that will be harder to achieve. Especially when the Dom she wants resents the fact that she’s the trustee of his estate and business…and that she did a brief stint years ago as his father’s Domme.

Ben never met a woman he wanted more than Rachel. He’s made sure over the years that his Sledge is more than a match to her Raven. Then the truth comes out, dowsing those fires that ran deep when they first met. Fires that refuse to be denied. Obstacles are tricky little bastards.

It’s a golden opportunity for Will to get the two people he cares most about in the world together…with him. Using a few skills of his own, this contented sub knows how to weave the threads that will bind them all as one. That’s when Rachel and Ben learn who’s really in control. But will there be room for him once the flames ignite?


So anyone who knows me (and my reading preferences) very well, knows that I love a good menage a trois. And this one does not disappoint 🙂

The story follows three (obviously :P) people: Rachel a.k.a., Raven , Ben and Will. Raven is a dominatrix but is ready to hang up the whip in favour for something more and Will thinks that despite the differences they have – that they would all be perfect together.  Just a brief background: Rachel had a sexual relationship with Ben’s father and she was made the beneficiary of his estate.  Ben is angry about that fact and not only wants to prove to her that he is better but he wants her. And then there’s Will – the force that brought them together.

Rachel is a switch and when they are all together, Ben is her dominant and Will is her sub and they all fall quickly for each other. What I personally loved so much is that there is SO MUCH CHEMISTRY! Sometimes it felt like I shouldn’t be reading it because it was so private and intimate. But I think what I loved about this one the most is that it felt real. I’ve read many menages before, but Raven was the first one that showed how it really should be. There is feeling and emotion, and not just on her part. Yes, there is jealousy; the men are secretly jealous of one another. That there is time where Rachel can be with one of the men and the other can have some alone time. And there is doubt. That is what made it real to me. It wasn’t just about the sex with this novella. It showed more of a 3D side.

The other thing I loved about this book was this sort of… imbalance. For most of it I felt like she loves Ben more than Will (which leads to his doubt) but it even says: “Will might be the love of her life, but Ben is her soulmate.” And even though they all love each other I felt like, yes it did end perfectly but their relationship isn’t.

I seriously loved this book! And I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a menage. I’m giving it 4.5 stars because the only problem I have with it (which is something I emailed Caitlyn about) is: IT ISNT LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!


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